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 Hardlight power guide dps/trolls (not loadouts )

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Hardlight power guide dps/trolls (not loadouts ) Empty
PostSubject: Hardlight power guide dps/trolls (not loadouts )   Hardlight power guide dps/trolls (not loadouts ) EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 8:59 am

Im makin this guide in effort so noobs understand hl and we hardcore hl can have a power interaction understanding on hl yes we have power interaction but not normal our contrucst have diferent combos inside themselfs and so on ill start assault tree first.(plus they get weapon afinity ect from our own weapon)

Claws (35% damage buff and panic stun on trolls ) claws as pot open a pandora box. His lunge its a lot more powerfull than gloves and their damage when cast from loadout its weak. (35%) but after fan this babys go crazy 50% buff his first lunge with a good presicion on vary from 500-1k. His power interaction its an aoe spin when you hold square( 1k plus on everything) plus if you run the whole combo you can gain 2 spins for that damage in a row hl its not a heavy hitter its a fast hitter and if you get the fast part down on combos you will see hl in another light. Claws combo on tap to ram and on hold to minigun (all melle contructs seem to combo to ranged and vice versa) respec the claws since they are part of our top dps in dps roll and great cc in trolls.

Spike quake its a 35% bonus dps role move and great cc in trolls his dot its not great but ill jump on that soon. Every hl move its usefull and it can shine in the right hands. His dot its not that great but hl dot are a joke unleast yours ticks are white. We dont work like any other power set. Hl its in another league of game we are fast killers not pretty but damm fast. Spike its a nice move for trolls its a lil power sucker and you can do the same with other free powers from combos. But its work its tested and this game its about style so has his place.

Minigun its yet another 35% bonus its hit everything close and far on trolls it stuns everything on sight it has like 5 to six hits and its sick on objects. Minigun has his dwnfall on not moving (you can rotate while shotting bit you need to move camera as you pop them. This baby combos from tap to whip and on hold to snap trap (comboin to snap get you white ticks that can critical 70 -90 depending on pre) minugun dont have combo inside the contructs.

Ram its a 35% move in trolls it cc it does what quake does minus the ticks it throws everything up its not a pushback like impact. Its our most precius move you cango to snap trap fan infinity from it something that minigun lacks (minigun to snap and fan breaks the combo) living death showed me you can cancel with weight wich its sick. It hits everythin in a cone in front of you really fast and nasty .

Chompers its a 45 % its a panic spamable move on trolls and a decent aoe move. On his own it looks weak but on a rotation its respecfully our best to buff snaptrap. (or weigt) I roll him dps cause I hate panic on trolls everything goes crazy runs away and fly away wich its good but if your cc afects the dps its not worth it. His ticks are weak but stacks with snap and all others.

Mr fan he has been nerfed rebuff people love to hate this power but really its one of our best moves when you hit everything for 900s - 1k you will love it. From loadout in trolls its a sick group pull. (burns so much power ) fan combos to claws ( hl its about using all we get everymove for free its learning to use them all the secret for hl? You will know if you train) bein a 50% move by himself its a trap cause it really shines on white damage (after snap trap) its a tricky move but devastating if you know what you doin.

Lightweight this move by himself it and aoe beast it used to be godly they nerfed him then buff back it has a bowling ball efect it hits everythin while it moves it crits from (700s to 1k) damage dont divide on lauch but in might rotation it does. You tap ranged for his throw. Its a nice tool. And its presicion debuff in trolls on rotation and throw.(dont troll with this much myself but I seen other trolls with it and it more than sick) if it only was more than 40% buff lol

Chainsaw its a 50% power that can combo to minigun on hold (ranged) and ram on tap. Chainsaw by himself its a weapon that has diference interaction than all other hl powers its a weapon that if you know your power interaction you can have out forever (when you hold square it resets combo rotation so if you hold square you keep it out like a normal weapon reseting will pull ur chainsaw up (causing mass panic in trolls and givin you some movility) I always says hl its not a power set its a weapon set and this clearly shows it.

Whip trash this is why most hl noobs cry its the defence debuff and its melle. It hits and stun anytjin 180 degrees in front of you(flyin or not if its in front of you it will get hit) he was nerf cause stun was 2 sick but I believe its a mistake we need boss stuners as troller not just hl it would have been better 2 give an equivalent to all trolls sets and not nerf it (twick it was op lol) it combos in tap ranged to handclap on hold to impact and on tap melle to himself twice. It hits 4 times and with 500 precision I have seen it hit 500 plus make the math and its dammmmm fast . Plus its a 45% buff .

Snap trap our dps baby his dots are low but you can stack it with himself its a 50% buff that its also a heals debuff. It combos with ranged its the only ranged 2 ranged move we got since on tap combo to fan and on hold to lightblast. Not much can be said about it its fast and hits like a truck with enought might (when you combo to snap after ram or gun his dot goes on white ticks and its godly always goes to it from ram from minigun combo breaks after claws (ram snap fan claws combo its infinity combo at his best).

Supercharges are pretty awsome on hl assault choppers its nice but interruptable strafin run... Or baby jets lol are the Best sc in this game. 50 stackable damage.12 hits x2 24 and its aow. Respec the jets and the ring lol.

Thats for assault tree assault its a very freaky tree its dps but can troll on his own (minus recharge) plus its the only tree with def debuff. The suport tree its a defensive troller built. Hl its a very versatile troller and it has plain and simple the sickest stun in the game lightblast.

Gloves its a 35% dps and pot on trolls his lunge its weak but dps its nasty per hit it combos to handclap (tap ranged ) and holds goes to impact. It defend you from ranged attacks in front of you while you fighting support tree its really defensive.

Handclap its a 35% (it should have been defensive debuff) handclap its a sweet move 2 have trolls and dps it combo into himself 3 times and his range its sick use it from combo never on loadout cause its 2 weak there. It combos to chainsaw and gasping hand. Its a free fast 600 per hit (x3) nasty move plus hits from far and combo to chainsaw that in dps its a fast move to keep hittin always something.

Impact its another 35% dps buff but on trolls its a 2 hittin nasty pushback. It combos on tap to chainsaw and on hold(both melle) to gaspin hand. I love this move after whip its a safety device not moving you from danger but moving danger away fron you.

Recharge its our give power tool also it gives 60 plus might and precision for like 5 seconds lol . It cancels animations real good . Its not much just ur power heal and some dps pre supercharge move.

Lightbarrier its hl version of reflect. It uses half your resto and full dom for mitigation. Reflecs backs damage and absorbs 3 hits(its nasty dps but for trolls use hardlight shield uses all resto and dom.)

Triash... Better call it trash its joke but nice on solo if we had more than 6 slots its a self heal.50% dps it has a cast time...

Shield wall.. Dont even think I got the name right its another 50% dps buff slow to pop wall barrier it can hold sick dps or break by spit ... Its 2 random but looks sick on the eyes it protects everyone behind it....

Gaspin hand its a pull (holding square) its a pre debuff and it combos to lightblast on hold and fan on tap its a 45% dps buff. Gaspin hand can pull anything really good (minus gold guys in fos2) its a nasty and usefull solo tool and it looks sick. After 3 handclaps nothing beats how gaspin looks lol sweet eye candy .(the other ranged 2 ranged we got)

Entrap its a 40% dps buff that put mobs in baseball balls. Hitting the square combo in to a gian bat that really holds like two handed its a heals debuff too. I love this ability but like chompers it helps prevent damage but its a pain for dps its a pain lol king tut hates it lol its a must for pvp .

Now the stun of all stuns im not sayin I believe or I seen I can stun more than 12 peeps with lightblast in trolls im talking fos 2 mobs not batcave bs or t2s . Its a 50% buff dps it divides to much for dps but its a final ruin wannabe below 35% percent health its supose to hit harder . I just use it trolls wise. It combos to boxin gloves. Its nasty cc at his best.

Suppor its a defensive built. His super charges reflect that. One 35% self heals and 50% full raid group shielding (using your full resto and dom for it example you have 700 dom and 700 resto it absorb 1400 damage ) hl was overnerf in preparation to the crafting. They knew what they were doin and its far from broken. Easily the best dps(with enought pre) in the game. By the time other powers need to pull his interactions and stuff together we already have all death. The key its the presicion.

And for thoze noobs like enou watever and solarwind that says hl hugs power its moronic and a lame scuse I can burn all power in the world because from snaptrap I can get my whole loadout. Its like sayin nature sucls cause they spam thorns or sorcery for final ruin. It really shows noobs true colors and its funny as hell example? Run any fos and see who has more power out me or then? When you talk shit talk with numbers not noob hate lol hope all hl understand this and understand his weight.

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Hardlight power guide dps/trolls (not loadouts )
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