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 Tank power sets

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PostSubject: Tank power sets   Tank power sets EmptyWed Mar 07, 2012 7:09 pm

Just in case anybody was thinking about building a tank and was a little unsure as to which power set to go with I figured I would make this thread to give my opinion on where each power set strives and what I think soe might have been thinking when they made each power set. So far, in game we have ice and fire with earth coming I could only speculate as to how it’s going to play so I’ll leave it out.

I think that each tank takes on characteristics of different power sets, ice I believe could be viewed as the controller/tank while fire would be your healer/dps/tank. Ice is capable of trapping mobs in ice cubes and works well with the control effects given from gadgets to entrap. Fire on the other hand does not have this ability but instead can put everything on fire not only grabbing agro in a room easier than ice but also helps many of the dps like fire and gadgets to do more dmg (inferno is glitched so this doesn’t really apply to fire like it should), although fire does not encase enemies it does have juggling ability that ice is not capable of pulling off.

Each tank shines in certain situations, since ice is more of the controller/tank it strives in the controlling of mobs for i.e. pulling off a bridge and again incasing mobs. Ice is also a better choice when going up against single mobs that dish out a lot of dmg do to their ability to reflect and reduce dmg with high defense (not much of an edge on fire after updates with dom/resto). Fire shines in situations like alerts because of its ability to do good dmg and self heals if built right; pvp by far because of self heals, juggling and dmg; in raids they do better at tanking trash mobs having the ability to set everything on fire and it’s easier for a fire tank to pull mobs in a 360 degree area into one central location making it easier for dps to burn them down. It seems that soe planed on making raids needing 2 tanks, one for standing in front of the big boss and helping out on trash and one for moving the group safer through the trash mobs while helping out with adds on the boss. Problem with this is in order to make this happen soe would have to ramp up the difficulty of the raids in the game but we have all seen how the community reacts to raids that they feel are too hard complete.

As far as being able to switch up your gear and roll as a dps fire I think has a pretty good advantage over ice not only having harder hitting moves but also just the way these moves flow into each other. I didn’t go too far into how each of these powers play but would happy to give anybody some insight if they want it, this is not to say that either power can’t do the job of the other just fine, I just think one power will have a slight edge over the other something I think soe has done a good job at in order to make each power have a different feel.

Ice Tank

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Tank power sets
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