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 To everyone in Eternal Alliance

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league officer
league officer

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PostSubject: To everyone in Eternal Alliance   Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:35 am

Hello all, just letting you guys know that this Saturday will be my last day on DCUO. I've had a blast playing with everyone, but I'm afraid that this game has lost its fun factor with me. I was originally thinking of just cutting back and only getting on like once every few weeks, but after giving it a lot of thought I figured that would more than likely not be the case. For that matter, my subscription is running out soon, and being unemployed it might be months before I could renew it if I had wanted to. In the meantime I would lose access to everything that has been included in the DLCs, which would leave me even less to do.

In celebration of my last day though, I'm gonna have a contest Saturday at 4 P.M. central time. I will give away all of my rare, and not so rare, stuff that I've collected over my year of playing. Or at least the stuff I haven't already Integrated on my characters. There will be lots of goodies up, including over 30 Focus Elements, 40 Exobytes, 100 million dollars, discontinued seasonal items, and much more. On Saturday there will be 4 people who will be winners of the contest, plus one additional player. The additional player is whoever is the first to post after this topic, showing that they still frequent these forums and support our league.

So I hope to see everyone Saturday, and to everyone who can't be there, it's been an honor playing with you.
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league member
league member

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PostSubject: Ill be around   Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:41 pm

So now im really the hl standing gonna miss you bb take care bro[list][*]
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To everyone in Eternal Alliance
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