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 High Precision Gear

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PostSubject: High Precision Gear   Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:26 pm

" I have all the max precision gear and IMO might is greater than precision every time IF you have good controllers. If you don't precision is the way to go. "

Here's all the pieces of max precision gear though:

Head: Captain Cold head 44 precision

Neck: Brainiac DPS Neck 4 precision with the chance to hit 50

Chest: Mutant Warrior Harness 37 precision

Legs: Desert Nomad Kilt 37 Precision

Ring: Loop of Alien Kings 15 precision

Trinket: Nightshade Seed Pod 15 precision (4 less than the raid trinket, however the raid trinket has a higher weapon crit chance)

Face: Catwoman Goggles: 9 precision

Shoulders: Bioshaped Warlord's Shoulders: 29 precision

Back: Doomsday's Backpiece 29 precision

Hands: Wingman's Equitability Gauntlets (sub-raid) 31 precision

Boots: Forget the name (sub-raid) 31 precision

Depending on your weapon you can have your precision up to just over 400 (EDIT: when the sub necklace ticks in).

Full Link:


THE GH0ST - Electric Healer
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High Precision Gear
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