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 Blue's Hard Light Loadout

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Blue's Hard Light Loadout Empty
PostSubject: Blue's Hard Light Loadout   Blue's Hard Light Loadout EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 11:32 am

Just thought I would share my loadout, and give general strategies, for anybody trying to make a Hard Light DPS. As far as attack powers go I use Minigun, Snap Trap, Light Claws, and Fan. Of those, though, I only put Minigun and Snap Trap on my loadout. That's because you only have to have the move unlocked to combo into it using Hard Light, it doesn't have to be on your loadout itself. When I want to do damage I use Snap Trap, then hold Triangle to activate Fan as well. If I need more group damage, or need to restore my own power more, I use Minigun first. I then hold Square to combo it into Snap Trap followed once again by Triangle for Fan. After Fan, if I'm just fighting adds that I don't mind getting up close and personal with, I'll start tapping Square to combo my Light Claws from the Fan. If I then hold Triangle, it leads back to the Minigun, turning it into an infinite combo.
Using a combo with Hard Light has many advantages that are so far unique to the power set. First and foremost, any power after the first becomes white damage instead of yellow, meaning it regains your power and charges up your Supercharge. Second, any power after the cost you use is doesn't cost any power.
Hard Light does have some things to watch out for, though. One is that whatever power you start your combo with will give its damage buff, but not any subsequent powers. For example, if I start with snap Trap I'll get a 50% buff, while starting with Minigun and comboing into Snap Trap will keep the Minigun's 35% buff instead. Another thing is any infinite combo will have to use at least one melee lunge move, making them difficult in raids like FoS2 or the first boss of FoS1.
Another nice thing about Hard Light, though, is the fact since you can combo moves together you will have more open slots for utility powers. For example, above I only mentioned what I use in two of my loadout slots. One of the other slots I use for Launching Roll, which is the breakout move for Acrobatics, which I use for breakout and power regeneration. I also have Recharge since I don't use a lot of my power so I can instead spread it around, and it gives you a Might and Precision buff which I use before any Supercharge. For the Supercharge itself I always use Strafing Run, which hits for more than any other Supercharge move I've seen before. My last spot I use for a defensive power, usually Light Shield from the Iconics tree. I prefer it to the Light Barrier in the Hard Light tree because while it doesn't reflect damage like Barrier, it does absorb more damage plus it costs one less power point to get.
So there's my Hard Light strategies. Sorry for the extra-long post, but I got kinda carried away writing about what has become my favorite power type.
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Blue's Hard Light Loadout Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blue's Hard Light Loadout   Blue's Hard Light Loadout EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 12:04 pm

Thanks Blue.I'm a HL dps noob so you broke it down for me perfectly. Instead of just listing your loadout, you went into detail and put it all in context. You stated a couple of things I didn't know or didn't realize so please, feel free to get carried away anytime you want too.

Blue's Hard Light Loadout Reox

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Blue's Hard Light Loadout
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