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 Trolling 101 part II (yeah roman number im a ff fan)

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PostSubject: Trolling 101 part II (yeah roman number im a ff fan)   Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:50 am

In this part 2 I said I was gonna talk about game mecanics ...all powers are good trollers none its better than the other. Im not goin in to that (people say hl is not safe cause of the lunge pot which you intant cancel with recharche shhhh) so for me all powers are great for trolling. First you need to put ur fight log on.(thats the only way to track whos is getting ur pot and the number is a most for us). And always your pot must be up (the lightning simbol) this should be our priority you cant spam it on ur party but it will always refresh on yourself so its never goin 2 waste if you do use it too much. So lets start this... long intro there..

1) trinket the most usefull piece of gear it can and will change your pot numbers you have to time it right since most trollers ones buff your pot

Example 1

(random numbers so you get and idea)
Your pot is 128 with trinlet it will go roughtly depending on wich one up 160+(some even more) and that is for your party 2 thats why the timing is crucial for it since you cant spam pot on your pt members thats when your combat log its ur best friend remenber respect the trinket and you will see results.
+ it gives precision buff 2.

2) pot or power pump what goes first?
This is a tricky question and it really depends on one thing. How is ur power pool at the moment. If you can spare power pumpin before pot its neat and helpfull and its mostly the way 2 go but if you need 2 chose go for pot its more power in the end (remenber your combat log since you can have ur pot up but since we can spam it on ourselfs having it ourselfs does not mean everyone has it) remenber if you are low in power just pot for the better cause lol

3)fight or not fight?
You Need 2 fight but survival is your priority never take risks unleast you know the boss paterns and you KNOW how 2 handle his spike damages attacks. Fighting makes us infinity power giving machines it gives and edge since we dont have damage deductions. But that does not mean you goin 2 dps. If you waste power on fighting it should be cc and thats it.

4) protectors yes we are
Always keep and eye on your healer and dps thats why in first part I said we work better in the back perimeter of the fight a lil stun can save your healer and your group.

5)Debuffing and stuning
Never waste a debuff on a trash mob (unleast in fos raiding is part 3 and the last one) allways go for the stun it helps your healer save power and thats always a good +. Debuff bosses at all times defence and damage are the best ones. healing one is sick foe pvp and some self healing bosses 2. But watever you do that in a boss fight is your priority and will always go by the hand of power management.(debufff pleaseeee lol)

6) weapons ?
Im not gonna say you have 2 go ranged cause thats bull go for what you like but if you are death most of the time you need 2 work more on your melle skills (I use 2 troll on brawling and I did for like a month till they nerfed my brawlings vit. And I did good I ran all raids at the time easy and safe.)so go for what you like( if you are hl rifle gives you and edge but for the others powers is just what you enjoy)

7) vit or dominance?
Well in reality we need both so the answers is Get Skillpoints and max both but while you are at it go first with vita.

Im at work now lol so second part of part of part 2 will come soon and then part 3 that will cover raiding till next time peeps hope this helps a bit.( we got more to cover on part 2 of part 2 )
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PostSubject: Ok   Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:55 pm

In the post before I put out some points now lets elavorate (sorry for the delay) but I do this on my phone and work during day is a pain lol.

I said before all weapons work and truly they do but lets talk about builta and why atleast I use them.
1) rifle built. Its a cheap weapon for y ou skill built since you already need it for his vit and plus you dont need all his close range atacks just go down get mortar and rolls and the hold triangle bottoms dont waste on close range those skills can go to dominance and vit . I said ealyer it was almost a most for hl and it is. When you go claws or boxing it lunges you to the mob rolls back its a life saver and it really shines in debuffing. Just roll back and keep pumping.

2) dual pistols. It usefull has vitality in the tree and auto is a sick power regen sistem combos give you movility like the rifle and has some push backs and stuns that are always good. This was my first built till I got my set of rifle's . The best thing about pistols is the fact that you can get criticals 2 if you points to spare. And for us trollers thats the way to go.

3) staff believe it it can be sick do damage power regen likes crazy and nice stuns and knockbacks. Even his ranged if you dominate the combos its good damage and regen.

4) hand blasters yes they work and pulse its just a too much lacks aoe dps but who cares. It will makes things easy but lacks vit and dominance but if you have the points go for it. It lacks rolls and movement in the combos works better for flyers since they can make distance.

Why bow last? You just get a 4 vit out of it(you need it anyways) its a skill sucker weapon but it is the way to go for faster blocking since dont have animations plus for us Hl using claws after furry shot
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Trolling 101 part II (yeah roman number im a ff fan)
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